Rural Tourism


Moti Rudrani is situated at Moti Rudrani Village (Rudramata Village) along SH 45 (Bhuj–Khavda Road) at a distance of about 13 km to the north of Bhuj. Bhuj is the district headquarters and is centrally located in Kutch. In the last few years, a large number of industries have come up or are in various stages of implementation. Bhuj has been a major tourist attraction due to its beautiful palaces, museums, handicraft items, temples etc. (13 km). Moti Rudrani Village has a reservoir near the site and hill top accommodation facility overlooking the lake
The rural ambiance and culture, and its strategic location along with the Kutch tourist circuit, makes Moti Rudrani a unique place for Rural & Cultural Tourism.

Moti Rudrani has a picturesque dam and the nearby Gada Safari Lodge provides a very good view of the lake from the hill top.
Nearby places of interest:
Bhuj City (13 km), Bujodi (25 km), Banni Village (60 km), Hodka (60 km), Mandvi (75 km), Rann of Kutch

Project concept
Keeping in mind the heritage value of the site and the nature of existing rural oriented tourism, we are inclined to propose
the following concepts: Tourist Huts, Ethnic Themes based Food Court, Art and Craft Theatre.

Project components
Craft Tourism Components
• Art & Craft Theatre with a Craft Training Centre, Craft Bazaar / Cultural Village, Amphitheatre Commercial Components
• Tourist Huts / Bhunga - Built with local design and equipped with modern furnishings (12 Nos.)
• Tents - (6 Nos.)
• Ethnic Theme based Food Court comprising Restaurant and Outdoor Dining Space

Area Detail
Total Project Area: 21.60 Ha. however the desired area is 10000 sq mt.
Site Location: Rudramata Village, Bhuj Taluka, Kutch District

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