Energy Management in Ecotourism: The Way Forward - By : Muhammed Nahar    
Published In: Energy Manager, Edition: April-June|2011|Vol :: 04| No :: 2    

In the new millennium, tourism is firmly established as the prominent industry internationally and recognised as the fastest-growing economic sector both in terms of foreign exchange earnings and Job creation. The trend in this line seems to be growing every year, a lot more destinations are been added to the existing ones, a large chunk of people are taking in tourism activities and in most countries tourism has developed into one of the most dynamic and fastest growing business.

In India, tourism is emerging as a key sector in the economy. It is presently India’s third largest foreign exchange earner after garments and gems and jewellery. The rate of growth in foreign exchange earnings from tourism is exceptionally high. Over the years, the tourism sector of India is showing signs of maturity and newer and diverse products and services of international quality are in the offer in India. There is a definite and systematic progression is observed where the industry is marching towards specialised tourism products like ecotourism, rural tourism, etc. and increasingly the industry started adopting elements of ‘sustainability’ in its every possible segments of operations, be it in the accommodation, travel or activities.

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