Gujarat has always been fulcrum of trade and activity. From being a favoured port for seafarers, the nucleus of business and industry, a cradle for culture and religion, the hotbed of the freedom struggle, home of Mahatma, and abode of the Asiatic lion, Gujarat has had it all. A vibrant history has infused its people with a spirit and energy that can be equally experienced in a boardroom, or at a night at the Garba.

It might be that in more recent times, the world has experienced the economic might of Gujarat, unaware of the remarkable beauty that lies hidden in its bosom. It is this untapped potential that we now seek to harness: the potential to grow as a dynamic tourist hub, with its wealth of heritage offerings, unspoiled beaches, burgeoning wild life, exquisite rural handicrafts and diverse cultural riches.

There is great scope for investment in these and related areas, with the promise of equally good returns. And Gujarat has proved emphatically that whatever it welcomes with open arms, it nurtures, promotes and develops beyond expectations......

With Gujarat leading India in terms of its economic growth, it is certain that the world is headed to our state. But now, more than ever, it is time that everyone recognizes Gujarat, not only for its economic prowess, but also for its cultural splendor.

"Let the world awaken to the beauty of Gujarat."

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